Bhakti Revival Dance is based on Sanatana Dharma – the most ancient spiritual knowledge on our planet which explains our health, the entire cosmic manifestation, and how to live a harmonious and joyous life. Song and dance, dedicated to the Supreme Absolute God, is called Kirtan. Whenever we sing and dance, we are expanding and expressing our consciousness in a blissful way where obstacles are removed, intense joy is felt, and emotions are released. We do this together, in person.

My dances are inspired by the gods and goddesses of Sanatana Dharma such as Shiva, Krishna, and Narayanaya – Kathak (Indian dance based on story-telling) – the rhythms of the tabla/mridangam/didgeridoo – and even psytrance.

My dance studio will be open by summer, 2022 in Ventosa near the beautiful Montejunto, Portugal! I hold classes on:

  • Group and Individual Freestyle Dance
  • Emotional and Physical Release
  • Kirtan
  • Yoga and acrobatics, based upon your experience
  • Dance techniques in arms, legs, feet, and hips

ॐ Jaya Sriman Narayanaya! Hare Krishna! Om Namah Shivay! ॐ